Edge protection

Are you a producer of saw bands looking for a means of protecting your product from damage and your staff from injury? For these purposes we can offer you our edge protection.

The edge protection is extruded from a form of polyethylene (PE) and can be supplied not only in its natural colour (milky white) but, for order volumes of 10,000m and more, in many other colours as well. The product is normally provided wound onto cardboard rolls.

This product can also be used for the protection of blades, e.g. in the paper industry, and as a guard for sharp edges in the sheet metal industry.

LD-PE Total height quantity per roll meter
100 er 6,8 mm 1.000 Meter
150 er 8,0 mm 750 Meter
200 er 10,0 mm 500 Meter
300 er 13,0 mm 300 Meter